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Welcome to my Tutorial!

This tutorial will give you shortcuts to help you make anime like artwork.

Your artwork will be done much faster and better with this tutorial!

Just one thing first! My tutorial will be helpful to those who the art programs of:

Photoshop CS4 or up

Paint Tool Sai

Or Gimp which is like Photoshop, except free.

(If you have any other art program, just try to see if the software does the same things as the tutorial.)
(You also might as well get Gimp if you don't have Photoshop btw. ^_^ )

So the tutorial starts now!

Please open your art software and follow the instructions! :)

So, the first step is to download this picture and open it in your art software:
Tutorial pic by Evanest
To view and copy/download the images to this tutorial, just click the images.
(You can also just copy and paste it into a new document if you can.)
This is so we can go through the same process together, thus understanding the steps.
(You don't HAVE to do it though.)

I will also provide a color base for you to copy.
(You don't have to use it though I recommend you do.):
Colors by Evanest

1. Blending modes

So for the first thing we need to do is color the drawing without interfering with the outline I gave you. But you'll notice if you try to color the pic I gave you, the color goes over the outline. I have the easy and fast solution to that!

1. Create a transparent layer and put that layer below the outline layer.
(If the outline is a background layer, make it a normal layer or duplicate it.)

2. Now go back to the outline and look at the blending mode of the layer.
Change the blending mode to "Multiply" as demonstrated below:

P2 by Evanest

Paint Tool Sai

S2 by Evanest


G2 by Evanest

Setting the layer multiply will allow the anything you color on the lower layer below the multiply layer without coloring the outline layer. Give it a try~

2. Magic Wand tool

1. Now there's a much faster way to color this than just using brush all over the place, the Magic Want tool. (Called the Fuzzy Select tool in Gimp.) With the magic wand tool you can select areas to of the outline. But you'll notice it can only select one area at a time...normally. You can actually do multiple areas and even take away areas. Let's say I wanted to color the hair for instance, I would select one area by clicking the magic wand tool on it. THEN I would hold the shift button while pressing the second area I want to select. Try doing this now!

(Note: You can use the tolerance/threshold to adjust how much area the wand selects.)

2. You can also take away selections you used with the magic wand tool and other selection tools as well by holding the Alt button while I press another selected area. (Try it!) You may find gaps though. If you do, cover the gap. Instead of holding the buttons down, you could also use the short cut buttons if you look at your art program's screen while you have the magic wand tool (or any selection tool) out as shown below:


P3 by Evanest


G3 by Evanest

Paint Tool Sai
(Sorry Sai users. Sai doesn't have these shortcuts installed in it from what I believe.)

3. And to deselect, press both the Ctrl & D buttons ( Command & D if you're using a Mac) if you want to stop the selections in Photoshop or Paint Tool Sai. If you're using Gimp, it's "Shift + Ctrl + A" buttons. (If it's know already.)
Though it's just as easy to just use the selection tool outside the canvas to deselect as well.

4. So you'll probably notice you can select ALL of the selection. Well, there's a way to change that.
(The following doesn't work in Paint Tool Sai. Once again, sorry Sai users.)
Go to the tabs at the top of art software and look for "Select" while you're using the magic wand on an area. You'll notice words in Select like "Grow", "Shrink", "Expand", "Contract" & "Modify". With this you can increase and decrease the radius of the selections. :)

5. After selecting all of the area you want to color and modifying it, go to your Bucket tool and fill the areas.
Also, it may be better, to put different colors on different layers.
And one last thing for this part. You'll notice that you can edit whether you want the bucket tool and magic wand tool to effect the layer you're on or have ALL layers applied to this.
To set the feature just look at the magic wand/ bucket tool options where it should say "All Layer" in Photoshop, "Sample merged" in Gimp, and "Target" with 3 choices below it in Paint Tool Sai.

By now, your artwork should look like this this:

Tutorial c by Evanest

3. Shading & Clipping

1. Now we can get to the shading part. Now add a third layer in between the color layer and outline layer. Now select that layer.
This will be our shade layer where we will be shading. If you did the colors on different layers, each layer for each different color will need a shade layer.

2. Now I'm going to tell you a trick that will make an artist's job EXTREMELY easier and faster. (This trick will NOT work in Gimp however. Clipping masks works differently.)
While on your shade layer, you need to make it a "Clipping mask" as called in Photoshop or a "Clipping Group" as called in Paint Tool Sai. To do so in Photoshop, Go to the shade layer and hold the Alt button while either on the shade layer or inbetween the shade layer and the color layer. To do so in Paint Tool Sai, just go to the shade layer and check the "Clipping Group" box.


P5 by Evanest

Paint Tool Sai

S5 by Evanest

(For Gimp, you just right click the layer and hit "Add Layer Mask".
But the layer works differently in Gimp, so sorry Gimp users.
Just try to shade it normally then.)

3. Now to try color everywhere on the shade layer. You can also use this technique for lighting to make things shine or glow. So I would create another clipping layer for lighting. You'll see that you can only color in places you've colored on the color layer. This process now eliminates the whole "HAVING TO ERASE EXTRA COLORED PARTS" when making art. Depending on the way you use it, you can make artwork faster and easier!! :)

(Note: To undo the clipping of a layer, just do the same process you used make the layer a clipping layer.
You also can not use a clipping layer on another clipping layer.)

4. Shading & Lighting Tricks

Now I'm going to show you an option of tricks one can use to shade and use other effects. These tricks are optional, so you don't REALLY have to do this part, but I hope you still read this part.

1. Bucket fill Trick

So instead of having to color all over the place to shade, you could just use a line to mark the place then use a the magic wand tool and fill it with the bucket tool. Much faster! Remember to stay on the shade layer.

1 by Evanest

2. Opacity Trick

To do this trick, just ONLY use pure black on the shade layer.
When you shaded the artwork completely, go to the opacity of the layer and lower it.
I usually put it at like 35% but anywhere from 20%-50% is good. Depends on your style.
And if you different places to have different shade colors (Such as the skin),
just make another clipping layer and use a different color. ;)

2 by Evanest

3. Blending modes

Blending modes can also make shading and lighting more interesting!!
You already know about Multiply, but there's many tricks to use, so just keep experimenting!!

(Not gonna bother using a picture for this one.)

So by this point, your artwork should look like this (If you were doing what I was doing):

Tutorial s by Evanest

5. Done!

That's it for now!
I really hope you guys found this tutorial useful!
I decided to keep working on my art piece and this is the finished result:

Den using fire (Tutorial) by Evanest

And if have any questions, please ask me!

Remember to leave comments!


;) (Wink) 


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Hi! My name is Evan or should I say Evanest. I am a really big fan of artwork and I seen LOTS of anime out there and if you want to talk about anime/manga I'll talk with you. I also LOVE to play videogames so I might design them in the future. I want to make lots of great artwork and stories which is why I'm here. I see SOOO much AMAZING artwork on this site that I get shivers seeing it. I want to be as great as the best artists on this site and us it to show people who I am. But want I really want is to make friends with people and have fun with everyone on this site. I also like all types of music and listen to it alot.

I do digital art, anime/manga art and traditional art. I would like to do animations and games though. I hope I become one of the best artists on here, even though I haven't studied art professionally as of now.


1-One Piece (Keep watching and it becomes the best anime ever)
2-Fairy Tail
3-Death Note (Amazing)
4-SGT. Frog (It's just funny, that's all it is really.)
5-Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (My little sister can't be that cute)
6-Bobobo-bo Bobobo (Funniest show ever)
7-Detective Conan (One of the most amazing anime you will EVER see! Not just anime, but as a show and entertainment as well)
8-Gintama (Amazing in so many ways)
10-Naruto Shippuden
11-Bakuman (Got bored of it)
12-Negima (I kinda like the action of the manga, that's all. Kinda hate the rest.)
13-School Rumble
14-Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
14.5-Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next (It got so dramatic)
16-Dragon Ball
16.5-Dragon Ball Z
17-Chobits (Though, it was my first non-violent anime.)
18-Inuyasha (Haven't seen all of it, though who hasn't?)
19-Dears (Never thought I would)
20-Code Geass
21-Black Butler (Kuroshitiji)
23-Bleach (Lost interest though)
24-Puella Magi Madoka Magica
25-Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? (It's actually a really cliché anime though)
26-Deadman Wonderland (Not into it too much)
27-Hajime no Ippo (Brilliant!)
28-Hataruka Maou-sama / The Devil is a Part-timer!
29-Final Fantasy (Game)
30-Kingdom Hearts (Game)
31-The World Only God knows
32-Hetalia (Lots of girls love it, it's not too great but it is funny)
33-Disgaea (Game w/ small anime)
34-Nichijou (Haven't seen much of it though, still love it)
35-Touhou ( It's EVERYTHING but an anime)
36-Azumanga (The manga, though the anime annoyed me alot)
37-The pet girl of Sakurasou (Interesting)
38-Angel Beats
39-Full Metal Alchemist
39.5-Full metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
40-Daily Lifes of High School Boys (It's better than it looks.)
41-Air Gear (Kinda lost interest though)
42-Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)
43-Soul Eater
44-Yu Yu Hakusho
45-Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
47-Avatar: TLA and Avatar: TLoK (Made in America, but deserves a mention.)
48-Rurouni Kenshin (Haven't finished watching it)
49-Ranma 1/2
50-The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
51-Zatch Bell
52-Spice Wolf (Sometimes really boring but sometimes satisfying)
53-Ouran High School Club (Not great, but fun to watch)
54-Kateko Hitman Reborn (Some interesting moments, some not)
55-Squid Girl
56-Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama
57-Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san (Muromi-san on the shore)
58-Kotoura-san (Really good)
69-Chihayafuru (Calm, but exciting)
70-Sword Art Online
71-Attack on Titan
72-Kill la Kill
73-Trigun (So old, that it's underrated. It's better than Cowboy Bebop.)
74-Hunter x Hunter (So great!)
75-Good Luck Girl (So damn funny! Has so many references too!)
76- Monster Girl Quest
77-Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (It really is great like they say.)
78-Watamote (It's really funny at first, but expect to lose interest soon.)
79-Dangan Ronpa (At first thought it be cheesy, but it does have great value after a while.)
80-Watamote (It's so funny, but it gets old after a while.)
81-Setokai Yakundomo! (SO FUNNY! It's sexual but funny even for girls.)
82-Nyan Koi (It's a REALLY interesting romance/comedy anime. Unfortunately, it becomes very harem-ish and fanservice-ish later on while still being good. Still really great.
83-Nisekoi (Similar to Nyan koi, but more "generic" and a tad bit cliché. The characters are funny though.)
84-A Certain Magical Index
85-A Certain Scientific Railgun

AND THE LIST GOES ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here are a bunch of funny memes I do:…………………

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