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Please just give this theory a chance. I put a lot of hard work into it, so I hope you can read enough of it. Sorry that it's really long but it's long because I spent a lot of time collecting evidence.

Before we start, here are the 4 clips I'll be referring to:…
Clip #1: Top-Left / Clip #2: Bottom-Left / Clip #3: Top-Right / Clip #4: Bottom-Right

The Beginning of the timeline

 In the timeline of FNaF, we know that the original Freddy Fazbear's Pizza starts anywhere from 1968 to 1972 according to Phone Guy says on night 1 the animatronics have been singing the same songs for 20 years in FNaF 1. FNaF 1 takes place in 1992, as we know due to the paycheck and 1992 calendar. (It doesn't match up with 1993.) We don't know what year Phone Guy records these lines though (anywhere from 1988 to 1992) and if Scott was even keeping the dates in mind.

 Fredbear's Family Diner is NOT the very original location however! Fredbear's Family Diner was FNaF 2 location before Fazbear Entertainment re-opened it. That's why Phone Guy tries to contact the original owner. The SAVE THEM incident just happened and the company is trying to contact the owner that originally owned the restaurant. The old location left to rot was the original Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, the first location. This also explains why the company is called "Fazbear entertainment" and why Fredbear isn't usually associated with the other 4 original animatronics. Fredbear's Family Diner was either it's own separate company or a branch of Freddy Fazbear's. So Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is the location that opened in 1968-1973 supposedly while Fredbear's Family Diner (FNaF 2 location) opened and closed on some unknown dates but probably closed by 1983. This proven by the fact on night 1 Phone guy says the 4 original animatronics were the ones that sang for 20 years. He is NOT talking about Fredbear.

How the 5 children are killed

Who the 5 children are
 In the early 1980's or so, 5 children are murdered at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza as seen in FNaF's 2 "Foxy minigame". But why are the bodies outside of the back room if that's where they died? Because the Foxy minigame is meant to show how many children died at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza thanks to the murderer. The 5 children possess the animatronics of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy... and the Puppet. The Puppet is one of the 5 children at Freddy Fazbear's as we see his child die in the "Give Cake" minigame. After all, it would be weird if the Puppet's death went unnoticed in the newspaper clips. The child of the Puppet was NOT killed in Fredbear's Family Diner like MatPat suggests. Freddy is the one clearly serving the food and this minigame does not represent the actual size of the building. Since Freddy is the one serving here, the Puppet's child dies in front of Freddy Fazbear Pizza. He's one of the children we see represented in Foxy's minigame of FNaF 2.

How Foxy's minigame is meant to be interpretated
 If you read Clip #1, it says TWO children were seen lured into the backroom (Not the safe room) of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza of June 26 and it's THOUGHT that the murderer used the mascot suit to earned the trust of the children he murdered. It's not until Clip #2 that is says 5 children are LINKED to the murderer. This means the 5 children were killed at different times before the murderer got caught and the Foxy minigame can't possibly have 5 dead children at once. Not only that but the 5 dead children aren't in the back room. So this minigame is a representation of how many children got murdered in Freddy Fazbear Pizza by the original murderer.

Who stuffs the animatronics
 The Puppet is also NOT the one who stuffs the children in the animatronics because the murder's whole point of luring them in the back room was to hide the bodies in the animatronics AND the Puppet doing it would ruin the whole reason why in FNaF 1, we get stuffed in a Freddy suit. The spirits want revenge. (Mobile version of Foxy's minigame doesn't count due to limitations since there are 3 children there.)

The Murderer's arrest

After the night the murderer kills his last 2 victims, he's gets arrested the next morning as wrote in Clip #1. He's then charged and either rots in prison for the rest of his life or gets death penalty. But then how does he appear in the rest of the story?

Think about it:

1- There's no way he'll be released from prison for a long time.

2- There are NO signs of him breaking out of prison in FNaF and even if he did, he wouldn't be able to work for Freddy Fazbear.

3- And he could NOT have framed anyone!! Clip #1 says HE was caught on surveillance cameras and the police THINK he used a cartoon, mascot suit. Meaning the cameras caught his face while he was in the act and the police SUSPECT he was wearing a suit.

 There are most likely TWO murderers. The Pink man is the early 1980's murderer who gets caught by the police and the Purple man is the 1987 murderer who dies in the Spring Bonnie suit. We only see the Pink man in the Puppet minigame and Foxy minigame which shows the deaths of the 5 children before 1987. In the same game, we see on FNaF 2, we see a guy with a dark purple color. Not to mention the Purple man ALWAYS has white eyes but the Pink man doesn't! The children spirits are also not freed in FNaF 3 since they're phantoms in the game and animatronics in the first.

Now it MIGHT be possible for pink man and purple man to be the same since the clippings say the murderer was charged and not convicted but even then, it's cutting it close since the murderer was clearly seen taking children into the back room. Getting charged for kidnapping would put you in prison for a long time even if the kids were only assumed to be dead.

What happens the week before Jeremy starts working

 Phone Guy says that only one employee worked the night shift for a week before Jeremy did in FNaF 2 and that night guard is without doubt the Purple man. (The 1987 murderer) On the one of the nights the Purple man works, he kills 5 children just like the previous murder as shown in the SAVE THEM minigame. This is could be when the Puppet gave "life" to the other 4 animatronics with their bodies/souls that have stayed in the robots for many years. (Golden Freddy comes to life later which is why his animation is different.)

 The Puppet does this in order for Freddy and the others to save the children from the Purple man. The Purple man is the night guard since we see him wearing a badge and using the camera monitor given to him from the staff. He searches through the building to stop the animatronics as I pointed out here:

 Sadly, the animatronics fail in saving the 5 children who die. THIS is when the Puppet and the other animatronics become vengeful and aggressive towards adults like Phone Guy says on Night 4 of FNaF 2. The way Phone guy says it, he makes it sound like the toy animatronics used to be more passive to the staff. That was until the 5 children died. The animatronics, who felt angered by the murder and night guard, become vengeful spirits who see all adults as enemies and see all children as victims. They stuff the night guards into suits because they are doing it out of vengeance for their deaths.

Who the next 5 children possess?
 So who do this 5 children possess? The answer may disappoint you... but they possess no one. The Purple man doesn't stuff the children in the suits like the previous murderer did. And the Puppet isn't doing it since he cares for children anyway, so the spirits never possess any animatronics and just move on. The toy animatronics become possessed by having the old animatronic parts put into them as Phone Guy says on night 2. (The Puppet seems to be possessed for an unknown reason however.) What helps prove the toy animatronics are NOT possessed by the 5 children is Mangle. Mangle is ALWAYS in parts everyday, so stuffing one of the 5 children in him wouldn't work since the Mangle is always in parts. Not only that BB is not present in the SAVE THEM minigame showing he has no relation to the 5 dead children. And to top it off, JJ would make SIX new animatronics aside from the Puppet, instead of 5.

 This is why we don't see these 5 dead children in the Happiest Day minigame. They passed on already. (And NO, the 5 children wearing animal masks in the Happiest Day minigame are NOT these children. They would have been wearing the toy animatronic masks. I'll tell you who they are later.)

Balloon Boy and the endoskeletons explained

 So if the toys are moving due to the old parts inside them, how does Balloon Boy move? And the lone endoskeletons for that matter? I'll explain everything but I hope this image I made also helps:

Who the endoskeletons belong to:
 The lone, moving endoskeletons from FNaF 1 and FNaF 2 belong to Freddy. Both endoskeleton's in FNaF 1 and FNaF 2 have "blue" eyes. Both Freddies in FNaF 1 and FNaF 2 also have blue eyes as well and the only other one with blue eyes are Toy Chica and Balloon Boy, but we know the endoskeleton cannot be theirs. Also, the lone endoskeletons don't belong to Golden Freddy/Fredbear because they have brown pupils. Not blue.

 Toy Freddy has 6 white dots on his pupils while the endoskeleton and Freddy has 8 white dots on his pupils. The endoskeletons also don't belong to Foxy because Foxy's ears go upwards in a diagonal and his eyes are yellow. Freddy's ears from FNaF 1 are more horizontal. Toy Freddie's ears are diagonal, so this further proves the lone endoskeletons don't belong to him. So the both endoskeletons in FNaF 1 and FNaF 2 belong to the original Freddy.

Why BB, JJ and the endoskeletons move & why they don't attack:
 The reason BB and the endoskeletons move in the Freddy Fazbear buildings is because they are possessed by the souls of the original 5 children. ALL the metal in the buildings are possessed by the children which is why BB and the others can move. As shown in the pic. It's because the animatronics are haunted. This is why we see phantoms of the animatronics in FNaF 3 even though the real, animatronic parts are in pieces.

 On night 5 of FNaF 1, we hear a reversed phone call of a quote from the book, "Autobiography of a Yogi" that talks about metal having the same life force as other life. This could reference how all the animatronics & metal share a certain life energy together.

 I theorize that possessing BB, JJ, and the endoskeletons limit what the animatronics can do with them since they're not being touched by parts that had the children's bodies connected to it. Which is why none of the them can attack you and why the phantoms in FNaF 3 only appear as hallucinations.

The FNaF 1 location is the FNaF 4 location

 We can tell the FNaF 1 location and the FNaF 4 location are the same because the map in FNaF 1, the story minigame map in FNaF 3 and the FNaF 4 building have the same structure: There’s the stage, hallway with 2 tableshall with the Safe Room above it, then exit. The FNaF 4 location matches exactly with the FNaF 3 minigame map that’s an exact replica of the FNaF 1 location. Not to mention the walls are both purple, that's no coincidence. Another thing to note is that the FNaF 3 minigame of FNaF 4's Spring animatronics also has "3" clouds. The stage for FNaF 1 has "3" clouds on it. You can see here:

Also, remember that Fredbear is NOT the main mascot for FNaF 4. It's "Spring Fredbear" as pointed out in the game's code. A replica of Fredbear. Fredbear's Family Diner would have had the original mascot instead of a spring suit.

The Timeline of FNaF 4

 FNaF 4's story and FNaF 2's story happen at the same time in 1987. Sunday, 8 to Friday, 13. The FNaF 4 location is where Phone Guy is recording his tapes for FNaF 3. In the tapes, he says his location has been given 2 springlock suits JUST LIKE in FNaF 4. The people in FNaF 3 found the tapes in the FNaF 1 location along with SpringTrap and if you listen to Phone Guy's first tape in FNaF 3, Phone Guy says the animatronics were designed to move to the sounds of children. Meaning the animatronics are still allowed to move around and that the Bite of 87 hasn't happen yet as of his 1st tape. On his 3rd tape, however, the springsuits are never to be activated again. We know Spring Fredbear causes the Bite of 87, and was activated at the time of the bite. So that means the Bite of 87 happened in between his 1st tape recording and the 3rd tape recording. And since Phone guy says in his recordings "tomorrow" and "today", we can be sure the first 3 tapes happen on consecutive days. Days right after each other. But the last 2 tapes are reminders.

 And remember that Fredbear's Family Diner was the FNaF 2 location before it reopened to become Freddy Fazbears. Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was open during the 5 children incident and closes because of that incident before it reopens in 1987. We know this because Clip #4 is the last clip that comes out as the original Freddy Fazbear Pizza closes (which is symbolized by the fact it's lower than the other 3 clips). It says Freddy Fazbear's Pizza will close by “year’s end” and that Freddy Fazbear’s cannot escape the “tragedy” that took place there “many years ago”. Clip #2 refers to the 5 children accident as a “tragedy” and that incident happened at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza according to the clips. All the clips came out around the same era (1980s) which is why they look alike. After Freddy Fazbear's closed, it reopens in 1987 then closes after a few weeks. This is backed up by Phone Guy who says the FNaF 2 location is the new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza as well as saying the animatronics had a bad odor (coming after years after the bodies have been in the animatronics). This also means that the FNaF 1/FNaF 4 location also used to be Fredbear's Family Diner since both the this location and the FNaF 2 location are being used for the re-opened Freddy Fazbears.

 So to sum it all up, the FNaF 1 location is the FNaF 4 location with the springlock animatronics while the FNaF 2 re-opened Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is the one with all the other animatronics. This is why we don't see any of the other animatronics in FNaF 4. And remember that the night shifts of Jeremy start before the cutscenes of FNaF 4. The FNaF 2 location was Fredbear's Family Diner while many other sister locations were opened as well. I also believe that the FNaF 1 location was not the very original Freddy Fazbear's Pizza since the location was left to rot during FNaF 2.

 Like Phone guy says in FNaF 2, a birthday party happens after night 6 in 1987. And in FNaF 4, the main character gets bit by an animatronic on his B-day. This is the Bite of 87. (Also, on night 2 of FNaF 2, Phone Guy says the old animatronics are from the *previous* location. Not the original location which is Fredbear's Family Diner. They came from Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.)

The Purple man's scenario

 We know that in FNaF 2, the *previous night guard* moves to the day shift when Jeremy takes on the night shift. The Purple man is taking the day shift at the FNaF 1/FNaF 4 location as well as the FNaF 2 location. We can assume that Jeremy and the Purple man work at both locations because on Night 2 of FNaF 2, Phone Guy says the *previous night guard* is on watch from open till close. And the fact that Jeremy is working the day shift after the FNaF 2 location closes also proves this. We see the Purple man working at the FNaF 4 location on the third day of the FNaF 4.

Night 4 - Day 4 (Wednesday the 11th)
 On Night 4 of FNaF 2, Phone guy says an investigation started happening. This is the morning of day 4 of FNaF 4. 12:00 am - 6:00 am. NOTE that the investigation starts some time before Phone Guy calls Jeremy. And Phone Guy is calling Jeremy at 12:00 am. So the investigation starts on day 4 of FNaF 4. The investigators start investigating on night 4 and the next day, a day-shift postion suddenly becomes available according to Phone Guy on Night 5 of FNaF 2. The Purple man gets found out but not captured.

Night 5 - Day 5 (Thursday the 12th)
 On night 5, the FNaF 2 building goes on lockdown. Meaning the police are still trying to capture the murder. Then, in FNaF 4, we don’t see the Purple man a couple days before the party because he no longer works there. On day 5 of FNaF 4, we see the crying child locked in the back room with Fredbear. This could be the reason he has a nightmare of Fredbear the next night.

 While his brother could be the one who locked him inside the back room, that would seem weird if he could get away with that. The big brother doesn't have that type of power. I theorize he may actually be locked in the room because Freddy Fazbear's company or the police locked him in. Remember that on the night before this that the police have been putting the FNaF 2 building on lock-down. So the same should happen to the FNaF 4 building. And if you remember what Phone Guy said on night 5, he says "No one is allowed in or OUT." That means the kid is locked in the backroom because the building is on lock-down and the police are trying to capture the Purple man. Since Fredbear is in the back room, this could be early or late hours which is why no one may be helping him. I doubt there was a spare, springlock Fredbear suit since they were only given two suits. Not to mention, notice how the crying child is pleading to be let out. In the previous times he's locked in his room by his brother, he didn't act like this. But this is just a theory.

The Bite of 87 (Friday the 13th)

Remember that the night shift starts at 12:00 am. The very beginning of the day. Meaning after Jeremy completes his night shift at 6 am on Friday the 13th, the rest of the day is Friday the 13th which is why Jeremy gets the paycheck on Friday the 13th. So the Bite of 87 happened on Friday the 13th. (Perfect day for something bad to happen in a horror game.)

 The birthday of the crying child goes wrong when he gets bit by the Spring Fredbear animatronic after his older brother and his friends stuff him into the mouth of the animatronic. This causes his head to get crushed and the frontal lobe of his brain to be severed. This bite makes Freddy Fazbear Pizza stop their policy to let the animatronics roam during the day because they want to AVOID as many casualties as possible. Like from other customers touching the animatronics.

 Also, the reason why the bullies wear the party masks is not because they are the animatronics. They're at least in their teens as seen by their sprites, so they can't be the children that die in the animatronics. I'll tell you why they're wearing the masks later.

After the Bite

 The crying child comes close to dying in the Fredbear suit and is sent to the hospital that day and dies the following night as seen on night 6 when we hear the IV line. Note that he did live for a certain amount of time before getting to the hospital without his frontal lobe. As Phone Guy said in FNaF 1. That's why we see medicine, flowers and an IV in the nightmares. It's not to show he's in a hospital. It's to foreshadow the day he dies. This is when he then becomes Golden Freddy.

 Going back to FNaF 3, Phone Guy says on his third tape that the spring animatronics were being retired and aren't meant to be activated ever again. But we see the spring animatronics activated on the day of the bite, so that means this call happens after the bite. NOTE that Spring Fredbear doesn't go away for the bite because the incident was the not the spring suits fault. But due to multiple (as in more than 2) springlock failures in a (unimportant) sister location and many springlock suits causing many others to probably die around the same time, the springsuits themselves aren't sent to a technician. Fredbear anyway. This is why we don't see Golden in FNaF 1 or FNaF 3. He's no longer in the FNaF 1 location.

(I'd also like to note that 1987 is the year the springlock suits were first introduced which is why we don't see Spring Bonnie in Fredbear & Friends.)

Spring Bonnie is noticeably moved on the fourth tape, however. (To the Safe Room.) Remember that the fourth tape happens after the bite. (We'll continue this later.)

Golden Freddy

We can be sure the Crying child is Golden Freddy for several reasons:

1- He almost dies in a yellow, bear suit. The 4 kids and the Purple man possess the animatronic that they die in which is how they possess the suits. So because the kid's body almost dies in the suit, it makes sense that he becomes linked to that suit and becomes a ghost.
2- We don't see Golden Freddy until the end of FnaF 2. Since FNaF 2 takes place around the same time as FNaF 4, that's the reason we don't see him. Golden Freddy didn't exist until the very end, as interpreted by the "Give Gives/Life" minigame. There are rare chances of seeing him in the game prior to the end, but these are more gameplay mechanics or glitches like Foxy or Mangle appearing on Night 1 of FNaF 2.
3- This is the reason why the Fredbear Plushie is following him. The plushie is part of his subconscious which is why it can teleport everywhere without anyone noticing. He's not real. He's the part of his brain that tells him to be courageous instead of thinking for himself.
4- It makes sense that Scott planned along that Golden Freddy was the cause of the Bite of 87. The one that caused the bite most likely wouldn't be used anymore in FNaF 1. And the ONLY animatronic that we don't see in the building is Golden Freddy. I also know that if you type 1987 into the custom night, Golden Freddy is the one that jumpscares you. Could be a coincidence though.

5- And the crying child CANNOT be the Puppet. We SEE the Puppet's child die in FNaF 2. And he's already possessed in FNaF 2.

6- This could also explain why Golden Freddy is slumped on the ground. Because he died a different way than the other animatronics. He died through brain damage, it could just be because he's a suit or ghost however. This makes him not able to think well. That’s why he doesn’t talk at Night 6 and neither does the Fredbear plushie. This could be the is true reason why Golden Freddy doesn’t move but a huge reason could still be because he's in suit mode or ghost.

To further prove things, on night 2 of FNaF 2, Phone Guy says the old animatronics should’t be able to move. (Due to having their parts removed.) But they still do. A haunted animatronic can still move even without the parts. So Golden Freddy should be able to move, but it can’t due to either the brain damage or being a ghost.

7- As for the Purple hat, once Spring Fredbear became Golden Freddy, his hat and tie became black.

I believe Golden Freddy changes his appearance depending how the other 4 spirits of the children are presented. In FNaF 2, Golden Freddy is withered because the other 4 are withered. In FNaF 1, Golden Freddy is fixed up (despite being a ghost) because the other 4 are fixed up. In FNaF 3's ending, Golden Freddy is a spirit because the other 4 are spirits. We know Golden Freddy can alter his image which is why his head gets huge in FNaF 2. The reason why he mimics the other 4 children is because the crying child saw them as his friends.

Another this because Golden Freddy in scraps in FNaF 2 because he was taken to the technician after the bite. We see he's all patched up in FNaF 1 because he got fixed by the technician perhaps.

(And as a side note, I know that Phantom Freddy borrows the same model as Golden Freddy from FNaF 2 but that does not mean they're the same. Otherwise Golden Freddy would be normal Freddy and Shadow Freddy would be Golden Freddy.)

Shadow Freddy

Shadow Freddy isn't the same as Golden Freddy or Shadow Bonnie. He's a suit, not a ghost. Here's proof Shadow Freddy is a suit:

1- Shadow Freddy doesn't fade out in FNaF 2 while Golden Freddy and Shadow Bonnie do fade out shows he's not ghost like.
In FNaF 3, he may appear next to the door rarely in the game (And he is NOT Golden Freddy. He's too black and has no yellow on him.) He just sits there like in FNaF 2 and doesn't even crash the game when you see him nor does he fade out like the phantoms.

2- In the FNaF 3 story minigames, Shadow Freddy being a ghost would be ridiculous. There's no way the Purple man is working with a ghost when he's afraid of the children's spirits and the Purple man obviously can't turn into ghost. He doesn't have ghost-like powers... not yet anyway.

3- The Purple man is using the suit to fool the animatronics that he is one AND DON'T tell me he's not a suit just because we don't see the suit in the room. Scott has no reason to put in there and Purple man knows using the same suit wouldn't work twice. So out of desperation, the Purple man tries the Spring Bonnie suit and dies.

 The Shadow Freddy suit is in the FNaF 1 building because in FNaF 3, the Phone Guy says: "Until replacements arrive, you'll be expected to wear temporary costumes provided to you. Keep in mind these were found on very short notice, so questions about appropriateness/relevance should be deflected."

 Phone guy suggests the one or more of the suits are not relevant or appropriate for the establishment. The only suit that fits that description is the Shadow Freddy suit since a black, Freddy suit would completely raise questions. We also know the suit is not a springlock suit since the Purple man was able to walk freely in it.

The reason Shadow Freddy also looks like Golden Freddy is because he was modeled after Fredbear. It's also the suit the Purple man used to murder the 5 children in FNaF 2. (As I'll show next.)

The Dreams

In FNaF 2, you have 5 dreams before completing the game:
1- First dream places you in "Freddy" because you can see Chica and Bonnie next you.
2- Chica and Bonnie start look at you.
3- Chica and Bonnie have turned their whole bodies at you and are throwing you threatening looks.
4- Freddy is suddenly in front of you giving you the same ominous look. But if he's in front of you, who are you?
5- Then Puppet stares at you with intense anger for some odd reason.

You also notice it says "It's Me" in the top-left corner of the screen. That's because if you brighten and saturate the mask in the dream, you realize you're in Shadow Freddy. That's why it says "It's Me". You're in Shadow Freddy and the suit the 1987 murderer (Purple man) used to kill the original 5 children. THAT'S why the animatronics stare at you with hate in the dreams.

And to those saying Golden Freddy is the one who stands in front of you , IT'S NOT! Look here:

The Suit the Purple man used

The suit the Purple man used to lure 5 children to their deaths in 1987 is... Shadow Freddy. Let me explain:

1- The first crime the Purple man commits is killing 5 children in the FNaF 2 location. When Phone Guy realizes someone used one of the suits on night 6, he says "Someone used one of the suits... We had a spare in the back, a-a yellow one, someone used it... Now none of them are acting right." When he says none of them are acting right, he's referring to when the animatronics started not acting right ever since the murderer used the suit.

2- Notice how Phone Guy says a SPARE suit in the back. The Springlocks can't be considered spares since we usually see them on stage and as Phone Guy says in FNaF 3, they were only given two springlock suits.

3- The springlock suits are TOO DANGEROUS to be used. Even the moisture of breath can set them off. That's why so many people had springlock failures with the spring suits. There's NO WAY the Purple man could have pulled off the crime with a springlock suit. But the Shadow Freddy suit is not a springlock suit as I proved before.

4- The Shadow Freddy suit is modeled after Fredbear because it IS a Fredbear suit. Phone Guy says the yellow suit was USED, not stolen. That means the company still had the suit in FNaF 2 and they were somehow able to find out it was used. The Shadow Freddy suit is blackish/purplish because that's the sign the Purple man used the suit. Think about it. HOW would the company ever make a black Fredbear suit!? There's no way the company could ever do that unless it was originally yellow and the Purple man put his mark on it. That's why the Phone Guy says "spare" suit. It's not a springlock suit! It's a spare, Fredbear suit! So it be more correct to call Shadow Freddy: "Shadow Fredbear".

We could also be the only ones who see the suit black or purple. Maybe Shadow Freddy is really just yellow and we see the suit as black and purple.

5- In FNaF 2, we see the Shadow Freddy suit in the back room of the FNaF 2 building.


When we hear the expression: "It's Me" in FNaF 1, it's probably referring to the Purple man sealed up in the safe room telling you "It's Me". When the Purple man catches you when you try to save the 5 children then the purple lines appear, he's saying "You can't save them". Throughout all of the FNaF 3 teasers, it refer to SpringTrap with "It's Him" since he's the Purple man.

And when the top corner of the screen says "It's Me" in the dreams, it's letting you know the black suit is the suit that the man responsible for the murders in FNaF 2 used.

The Purple man's death

 Freddy Fazbear (both locations) close in 1987 and isn't re-opened again until 1993 or so. Like it says in the newspaper at the end of FNaF 2, the old animatronics are sent back to the original location of FNaF 1. The Toys, including the Puppet and BB, are scrapped due to possible malfunctions. This is because of their aggressive behavior.

The FNaF 1 location has not completely closed though. The reason I know is because Phone Guy is still recording tapes for the other workers and the company needs to seal the wall. So the building has not completely shutdown.

And NO! The Purple guy does NOT die after FNaF 1! He dies after the 2 locations close down in 1987. Here are 2 huge, pieces of proof:

1- The Phone Guy was recording his first FNaF 3 tape before the bite as I proved earlier. Meaning he recorded his tapes for FNaF 3 before 1987 ended and the safe rooms were sealed during his last tape the after Purple man has died.

2- In order for SpringTrap to be sealed in the Safe Room, they must seal the room after he died. Phone Guy is ALIVE to record the tape when it happens and he DIES in the FNaF 1 location when the place re-opens before Mike takes his role.

Anyway, the Spring Bonnie suit is moved to the safe room. NOT because the Purple man stole it though. If he had stolen it, the Phone Guy wouldn't sound so casual when he stole it compared to night 6 of FNaF 2. And remember that the Purple man HAS NO REASON to steal the suit. He already uses Shadow Freddy suit as seen in the FNaF 3 story minigames. He left the black/purple suit in the FNaF 2 location and when the FNaF 1 needed temporary suits, they used the murderer's suit since it was found on short notice. The reason why the safe rooms are sealed are due to budget restrictions as said by Phone Guy. The newspaper at the end of FNaF 2 has the CEO say they would be re-opening with a smaller budget. After FNaF 2, the FNaF 1 location is being worked on over the years after 1987 and due to lower budgets after the SAVE THEM minigame incident, they seal the safe rooms to make the FNaF 1 location less expensive.

The Purple man destroys the animatronics but the children's spirits come to get him. He can't use the Shadow Freddy suit anymore, so out of desperation he looks for a suit to disguise himself from the spirits. And he dies in the suit and eventually becomes SpringTrap. The following day, the company spends the day sealing the wall and they don't bother checking inside the safe room as Phone Guy conveniently says on his last tape of FNaF 3.

FNaF 1 - R.I.P. Phone Guy

We know what happens here. Phone Guy dies on his 4th night of recording when all the animatronics try to kill him. We hear pretty much all the sounds of the animatronics on his 4th recording signifying it doesn't matter who killed him, all of them are responsible. Phone Guy then says he was glad he was able to record the messages for you when he did. Then he asks if you or someone else check in the backroom later after his shift. When he says this, he means for you to take care of his dead body when he gets stuffed into a Freddy suit. Next he says he always wondered what was in a Freddy head because his head will now be in one. Kinda dark and sad even if he has you do a job you're most likely going to die from. Of course, by the time Mike takes the night shift, they already took care of his dead body. R.I.P. Phone Guy

FNaF 3- The End

The Timeline of FNaF 3

The time FNaF 3 takes place is actually isn't clear. It's declared that it's been 30 years since Freddy Fazbear's Pizza has closed it's doors. Most people say 2017 because the second game took place in 1987 BUT that was the PREQUEL. It would technically be when the FNaF 1 location closed it's doors but we don't know when it closed even though we know it opened in 1993. The first game never closes at the end. So that would mean the soonest the 3rd game takes place is in 2023. But that feels a bit too far from our actual timeline. So I'm just going to assume Scott meant since the second game's location closed it's doors, in 2017.

The Plot

A bunch of people try making a horror attraction and find SpringTrap boarded up, blah, blah, blah...

The Hidden minigames

There are hidden minigames within FNaF 3, and hidden within the hidden minigames are some messages. I have found out what they all mean though. Here's a picture telling you what they all mean:

All the minigames in FNaF 3 show the pain of the people who died in FNaF:

Balloon Boy- The 4 children stuffed in the suits of the original murderer (The Pink man)
Mangle- The Puppet
Toy Chica- The 5 children who died in FNaF 2
Golden Freddy/Fredbear- Foreshadows the crying child's death in FNaF 4
Shadow Bonnie- The Purple man

Now you may be asking me "Wait, Evan! There's only 3 dead Balloon Boys in BB's minigame!" But that's the thing. THE 4TH DEAD BB IS HIDING BEHIND THE TREE. THAT'S WHY THE TREE IS THERE. You can tell there's a BB there due to the way they're aligned. Notice how NO other hidden part of the minigames with lines on the screen have "scenery" like this. So why put a tree? To fool people. Scott was very sneaky with FNaF 3. He wanted to make it less obvious. (The mobile version once again had limitations. So it's different.)

Shadow Bonnie

Shadow Bonnie is not like Shadow Freddy OR Golden Freddy. Shadow Bonnie is not a suit and he's not even a ghost like Golden Freddy. He's not real... We see he's just a Toy Bonnie silhouette in FNaF 2. In FNaF 3, when we play as Foxy, we see Shadow Bonnie in the hint section of the FNaF 1 map. But that section isn't real like the BB hint and the cupcakes. Then we see a dark Toy Bonnie in the FNaF 3 room to show us it's the same as the FNaF 2 silhouette but we also know that's not real just like the Passcode in the wall thing.

Then we finally see a purple version of him in the final minigame before the happiest day. That purple version of him is the spirit of Springtrap/ the Purple man. That's why we see him on the stage with Spring Bonnie. This Bonnie goes through all the minigames featuring the deaths of all the children that died before the Purple man. Then he gives the cake to Bonnie's spirit. I still think SpringTrap is evil. But now has gone through the same pain as the other kids and is a representation of the spirit of Purple guy. And THAT'S who Shadow Bonnie is.

He's a representation of the Purple man's spirit. The fact that he, Shadow Freddy and the Purple man can crash the game show they all are connected. He was just a hallucination in FNaF 2. That's why Shadow Bonnie is just a silhouette unlike Golden Freddy or Shadow Freddy who have 3D models. He doesn't even have his own real 3D model, because he never really existed...

The Place burns down

Due to the bad technician of the horror attraction, the place burns down on night 6. The very few items are sold that survived are sold for auctions. SpringTrap is slanted on the floor of the newspaper showing it broke apart in the fire and even if it survived, it would be sold away for good.

The Happiest Day

Freddy, Chica, Foxy and Bonnie's souls are set free from their pain in that order as shown here:

After the Puppet has reunited his spirits with the others, they decide to pass on but only after helping the last child move on. The Happiest Day minigame is a recreation of the crying child's birthday. We see 5 other children with animal masks, in color, sitting in the room. If you look at this image, you'll see who they are:

 These are the 5 children who went to the crying child's party. They were there btw! We just couldn't see them because they were at the party tables. They're wearing animal masks because everyone at the party was wearing party masks like his brother and friends. Every character in FNaF 4 has a significant color for their text as I drew out here:
(I didn't use a tablet or Photoshop.)

Boy with Spring Bonnie plush- Green Alligator - Text and shirt are green
Redheaded girl with green eyes - Orange Bird - Is orange with green eyes
Laughing kid - Blue Pig - Green text and green shirt match the FNaF 3 kid's shirt and the blue pants as well
Girl with toys - Pink Pig - Text is pink and the shirt is pinkish
Boy with balloon - Purple animal - Text and balloon is purple

The balloon boy look-alike said that everyone would be at his party including the redheaded girl who said she would be at his party. They aren't really there, but the ones in gray are. They are the 6 spirits of the children that never moved on. They give Golden Freddy the Birthday he never had. He then puts on his mask and they all pass on.

Night 6 of FNaF 4

On night 6 of FNaF 4, before the crying child dies, we can hear the brother apologize in his usual gray text. Then we hear the Fredbear plush speak but not in his usual color of text. It's more pale to show the child has changed (It's not the orange hair, green-eyed girl and it's not the Puppet since the plushie talks about the crying child's plushies like they're his friends.) The plushie says:

"You're broken"
"We are still your friends."
"Do you still believe that?"
"I'm still here."
"I will put you back together."

What he means is that the crying child's heart and spirit are broken.
The only friends he has left are his plushies, the animatronics.
The other part of him is still there. The spirit of Fredbear.
His spirit will be put back together.
The spirit of the kid will be put back together with the spirit that lies in Fredbear.


In FNaF 4, Nightmare is the crying child's representation of Shadow Freddy. Scott makes it obvious they're the same in the code of the game since theres a file called "Shadow Freddy" files and what we see is the word "Nightmare" and the fact that the Night 7 and Night 8 (20/20/20/20) titles are the only nights we see Nightmare. And they're both black.

The kid in FNaF 4 is seeing horrific versions of things he sees in real life. The reason the Plushtrap minigame exists is because the kid has seen the Spring Bonnie Plush in real life. That means that the kid has SEEN the Shadow Freddy suit in his life before. And remember that the suit is a Fredbear suit. Which is why the Fredbear plushie says "You know what will happen if he catches you." when the guy in the Fredbear costume appears. This is a hint to "what he forgot" and what's in the box.

(And NO, Nightmare does not have a brain in him.) I also believe the skulls we see in the back room of FNaF 3 and FNaF 4 might be Nightmare's/Shadow Freddy's skull. They're both black and look similar. The dark pieces in the FNaF 4 back room are just to hold the skull up btw. Here's an image showing the comparison:

What he forgot:

Even I don't have too much complete picture on what happened to make him traumatized. But I do have some clues. There are 3 different times the kid could have become traumatized:

1- He saw the original 4 out of 5 children get lured into the back room by the Pink man. Which is why only 4 animatronics appear in his dream until night 5. He didn't see the Puppet's child die in the back room. Maybe the 4 children were his friends which is why he refers to the plushies as friends.

2- He was around while the Purple man killed the 5 children in FNaF 2. This makes more sense than the first theory since it was just a week from when FNaF 4 starts. Since the kid is very young, it would very rare for him to see something like the Pink man killing the children in 1982 or so then be scared of it for several years. Plus, Shadow Freddy is the suit the Purple man uses. Not sure about the Pink man. The location of where all the 4 animatronics that appear in his dream before night 5 are in the back room/repair room. And this is also the location where we see the Shadow Freddy suit.

3- A 1983 location relating to Fredbear & Friends. This is highly unlikely though. Pretty sure Scott planned on revealing the Box before diving into Fredbear & Friends.

The Purple guy's motivation theory

The motivations for both murderers are very unclear but I can guess what the Purple guy's is.

The Purple man kills 5 children in 1987 just like the Pink man does in 1982. That's probably because he admired the Pink man. But when the Pink man got caught in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, this angered the Purple man. He wanted to get revenge on Freddy Fazbear Pizza so he killed 5 children in the Pink man's name and tries to destroy the animatronics in order to ruin the company's reputation. But he doesn't know they're possessed and ends up dying. That's all I can come up with.

The Year the Pink man murdered the 5 children theory

(This is what I've discovered based on a lot of speculation that I'm not sure about anymore so you don't have to believe me.)

The reason why I think the 5 children were murdered in 1982 is because on June 12, Scott updated his website with the Purple hat and hid the numbers "2093" and "0871" on his website in an unused link and in the copyright code. For those who want proof, here's the time when the numbers were hidden in the code of his site:…

 It's similar to June 25 when Scott showed the 2nd teaser for Frebear and the time Scott hid "13, 12, 11" in his copyright code. In the code of the site was the code "gsfecfbs". If you raise each letter of the code, it spelled "Fredbear". We know by now Scott would NEVER just randomly put these numbers in code. So what does it mean? If you lower each number down in 2093 by 1 (with 0 going back to 9) you get the numbers "1982". Same with 0871 if you raise each number by 1. Some people thought this was when FNaF 4 would take place, but we know that's not the truth now.

 Remember how ever since FNaF 3 ended, Scott has been hiding the hex code for the murderer's color on his website? The hex code: "ee82ee". It's even in the code of his "Thank You" screenshot. THIS refers to the year the murderer killed the 5 children: 1982. Look at the hex code for the original murderer: ee-82-ee. The fact that it's the Pink man's color, the number in the code is the same and the fact Scott hid the number "1982" within the site means this year must be the time the murderer killed the 5 children.

If you think I'm wrong, then please just disregard the 1982 thing. Just because the commercial "Fredbear & Friends" shows is out in 1983 doesn't mean that's when the murderer killed them. He MIGHT have killed them in 1983 however!)

EDIT: Okay, so I found out that the "ee82ee" hex code has actually been used on Scott's site before he made FNaF. The ee82ee hex code is the color of the alternate text when the image is broken. That means ee82ee isn't associated with the killer. 1982 refers to Fredbear then since the hints for it first appear on the hat/bowtie teaser. Either that or we're over thinking this.

Fredbear & Friends

The reason we see this in FNaF 4 is simple. It's a teaser for the future of FNaF. As in the movie. The reason I say that is because the director of the movie, Gil Kenan, released a Tweet saying the movie would be about Freddy Fazbear "& Friends". You can see the tweet here:

Why would he add "and Friends" there? Because that's what the teaser is for. It will probably go over Fredbear's Family Diner since we know nothing of it aside from what I wrote in the beginning. (And hopefully, the Puppet.)

The 1983 we see on the screen is a copyright that many cartoons used in the 1980's. It was made in 1983. I doubt it will be a game since Scott would kinda be going back on the whole "Final Chapter" thing. (Which was another reference to the 4th Friday the 13th movie.)

Fredbear was probably never part of Freddy Fazbear's until 1983 when he joined the company. This could explain why Fredbear isn't starred as one of the original 4 animatronic and why we never see a physical animatronic for Fredbear instead of Spring Fredbear. He possibly never had one since Fredbear was just a cartoon character.

What's in the Box?

Scott says the Box are the pieces we didn't find put together. The pieces of the hidden story. The box has the whole, hidden story of FNaF (Pretty much what I just told you... if I'm right) and what the crying child saw before FNaF 4.

But when Scott saw we were no where close, I guess he "reconsidered". Or encouraged us? We only found out the Bite of 87's victim being the crying child and Fredbear being the cause of it as of his Halloween update. (And some people still thought that wasn't it.)

We also found the easter eggs of the Purple man, the Fredbear & Friends show and the 3 hospital secrets in the nightmares. But that was it. We didn't piece the story correctly, or at least in the right way. But the Easter eggs weren't important. The story was. We did suspect the crying child became Golden Freddy and that Nightmare is Shadow Freddy but we didn't know how to piece it together in the story. Scott revealing the story at this point would be like reading the final chapter of a book when we only know half of it. Or something like that...

So, once again, what's in the box? The story. Probably some a minigame in Atari style, or some newspapers, or video tapes, or a book. Maybe something like a cartoon. Now that would be interesting.


Phone guy's FNaF 2 calls are NOT pre-recorded & the paycheck dates are accurate to when they come out:
 Phone Guy clearly is reacting to Jeremy on Night 6 and the previous days of the re-opened establishment. And in FNaF 1 & FNaF 3, on his first recording, he says he's recording a message or tape. But in FNaF 2, the first time Phone Guy calls Jeremy, he said he wants to TALK to him. And there is NO evidence something happened to Jeremy to stop the paycheck from coming out the week/day he earned it.

The Fingers of the Spring animatronics:
SpringTrap has 5 fingers meaning Spring Bonnie has 5 fingers. But Fredbear (Golden Freddy) has 4 fingers; which we can see on day 5 of FNaF 4 in the back room. The hand on the shelve belongs to Fredbear. It can't belong to any other type of animatronic since there are only 2 types of springlock animatronics at the location and we know Spring Bonnie has 5 fingers. Also, Nightmare Fredbear has 5 fingers because ALL the nightmare animatronics have 5 fingers, even though the originals have 4 fingers. (With the exception of PlushTrap.)

The Summer job typo:
 I am aware Phone Guy refers to the job as a summer job in FNaF 2 and FNaF 3 even when it's November. (Especially in since the tapes in FNaF 3 were recorded in November according to this theory.) It also says in the blurred sections of the newspaper of FNaF 1 that this is a summer job when the first game takes place in November. It's obvious that when Scott/Phone Guy say summer job, they mean a small job for a small amount of time. This doesn't affect the plot much, so I'll just consider it a typo or just Phone Guy saying his instructed introduction.

Phone guy's position in Freddy Fazbear Entertainment:
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is a family entertainment center (Like Chuck e Cheese). So there are many different kinds of district managers that work for these type of companies. Phone guy is one of those district managers.

The Crying child's home:
The nightmares the crying child has take place in his house. I know that the house looks different in the minigames but that's called interpretation. It's not meant to actually represent what his house looks like. We can see lamps and drawers are yellow & blue in the minigames just like the nightmare sections. And the pictures on the walls, grandfather clock and carpet look alike too.

The Crying child's nightmares don't happen in a coma
Scott made it clear the nights happen after each day. The game says "Days before the party" before each scene. And the child can't be having 5 or 6 nightmares in the coma since he's only in the hospital for a very short time before becoming Golden Freddy. The hospital easter eggs foreshadows to the end of the game. The time the child dies.

Foxy plushie's missing head:
Foxy's head is missing in FNaF 4 might actually be what the brother is using for a mask before the party. But the color and size do not match up. There is a chance Scott didn't really interpret it well. A Foxy head can be nowhere else seen in the game however.

I think the brother ripped the Foxy head off and wore it as a mask to scare the crying child; Since there doesn't seem to be any other explanations with a lot of evidence. I did notice that the skin color and shirt color were different than the brother on the day of the bite. So when Scott made the sprites for the brother's first appearances, he didn't make the size and colors consistent with the Foxy plushie and the brother.

The Mangle:
 I felt like I had to bring this up. The Mangle is a toy version of Foxy and Phone Guy refers to the Mangle as "him" a few times. So this is enough to confirm that Mangle's a "male". And before you say Mangle has make-up on, ALL of the brand, new animatronics have make-up on in FNaF 2. On Night 3, Phone Guy says they made Mangle more kid-friendly because Foxy was too scary. That's why Mangle looks so famine. The Mangle and the other toys was aimed at little girls which is why we see a toy Mangle in a girl's room. But you're still welcome to believe Mangle is a "female". Or neither since the name is "The" Mangle.

 As for some more side notes for the Mangle, the extra head we see on the Mangle could be the Cupcake. The eye on it doesn't actually belong to Mangle's and the eye matches the Cupcake. And the head fits the size too. (The one Toy Chica has is different with blue eyes though.)

And the screech we hear Mangle have in FNaF 2 is NOT 10-1 or any type of police codes. It's random gibberish. I know because I found the sound file for it and it's just random drone telemetry sounds from radio static. Nothing to do with the police. The reason we hear static from Mangle is because, like the other toy animatronics, the Mangle has a built in technology in it BUT because it's broken up, it causes static. This could be what Mangle was trying to do in the SAVE THEM minigame. But due to being messed with a lot, it doesn't work. And the screech we hear in FNaF 3 is actually the screech Bonnie has when he takes his mask off in the FNaF 1 trailer.

The 3 Paper plates:
They are Freddy, Bonnie and Balloon Boy. We know the third one is BB because the top arms are red, lower legs are blue, not to mention, the head and face match that of BBs.

The Second paycheck in FNaF 1:
The second paycheck for night 6 of FNaF 1 says $120.50 because it's including the extra money from the previous 5 days. You only earn $0.50 for working overtime as a hilarious joke. XD

The Entrance of FNaF 1:
I know of the plothole that exists since the first game regardless of what theory you believe but I'll just pretend it's not there.

Why do the security guards keep coming back after one night?:
Because the security guards are unaware that the animatronics are haunted and think the machines are just malfunctioning. (That and because it's a video game.)

Why do the security doors open during a shutdown in FNaF 1?:
That is how actual security doors work:…

(Any other inconsistences in the series are just minor things like character models changing throughout the games or things that are just video game logic.)


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Hi! My name is Evan or should I say Evanest. I am a really big fan of artwork and I seen LOTS of anime out there and if you want to talk about anime/manga I'll talk with you. I also LOVE to play videogames so I might design them in the future. I want to make lots of great artwork and stories which is why I'm here. I see SOOO much AMAZING artwork on this site that I get shivers seeing it. I want to be as great as the best artists on this site and us it to show people who I am. But want I really want is to make friends with people and have fun with everyone on this site. I also like all types of music and listen to it alot.

I do digital art, anime/manga art and traditional art. I would like to do animations and games though. I hope I become one of the best artists on here, even though I haven't studied art professionally as of now.


1-One Piece (Keep watching and it becomes the best anime ever)
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18-Inuyasha (Haven't seen all of it, though who hasn't?)
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27-Hajime no Ippo (Brilliant!)
28-Hataruka Maou-sama / The Devil is a Part-timer!
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31-The World Only God knows
32-Hetalia (Lots of girls love it, it's not too great but it is funny)
33-Disgaea (Game w/ small anime)
34-Nichijou (Haven't seen much of it though, still love it)
35-Touhou ( It's EVERYTHING but an anime)
36-Azumanga (The manga, though the anime annoyed me alot)
37-The pet girl of Sakurasou (Interesting)
38-Angel Beats
39-Full Metal Alchemist
39.5-Full metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
40-Daily Lifes of High School Boys (It's better than it looks.)
41-Air Gear (Kinda lost interest though)
42-Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)
43-Soul Eater
44-Yu Yu Hakusho
45-Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
47-Avatar: TLA and Avatar: TLoK (Made in America, but deserves a mention.)
48-Rurouni Kenshin (Haven't finished watching it)
49-Ranma 1/2
50-The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
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52-Spice Wolf (Sometimes really boring but sometimes satisfying)
53-Ouran High School Club (Not great, but fun to watch)
54-Kateko Hitman Reborn (Some interesting moments, some not)
55-Squid Girl
56-Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama
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58-Kotoura-san (Really good)
69-Chihayafuru (Calm, but exciting)
70-Sword Art Online
71-Attack on Titan
72-Kill la Kill
73-Trigun (So old, that it's underrated. It's better than Cowboy Bebop.)
74-Hunter x Hunter (So great!)
75-Good Luck Girl (So damn funny! Has so many references too!)
76- Monster Girl Quest
77-Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (It really is great like they say.)
78-Watamote (It's really funny at first, but expect to lose interest soon.)
79-Dangan Ronpa (At first thought it be cheesy, but it does have great value after a while.)
80-Watamote (It's so funny, but it gets old after a while.)
81-Setokai Yakundomo! (SO FUNNY! It's sexual but funny even for girls.)
82-Nyan Koi (It's a REALLY interesting romance/comedy anime. Unfortunately, it becomes very harem-ish and fanservice-ish later on while still being good. Still really great.
83-Nisekoi (Similar to Nyan koi, but more "generic" and a tad bit cliché. The characters are funny though.)
84-A Certain Magical Index
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AND THE LIST GOES ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here are a bunch of funny memes I do:…………………

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